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Home owned and operated...

is an accurate description of a Cleveland business that began more than five decades ago.  Wholesale Supply Group, Inc. was founded in 1942 when Roy Higgins and Gene Davis began making concrete blocks.  The block making business soon developed into Davis and Higgins Building Supply.  Wholesale Supply Group's current president, Lloyd Rogers, joined Davis and Higgins in 1959.  Shortly thereafter, plumbing supplies were added to their offerings, then electrical supplies.  Their goal was to enable builders to purchase all their supplies at one location.  Rogers became the first president of Cleveland Electrical Supply.  These individual companies building supplies, plumbing supplies and electrical supplies operated as 'stand-alone' businesses for several years.  In the early 1970s the building supply division was closed, and in August 1976 the plumbing and electrical businesses were incorporated under one umbrella Wholesale Supply Group, Inc. with Lloyd Rogers as president/chairman.  Although 'Wholesale' is in the name, 'walk-in' customers are a welcome, large part of our business.  Wholesale Supply Group, Inc. sells to home owners, industry, government agencies, school systems, plants, local contractors, and professional electricians and plumbers.

Growth and expansion...

This home-owned-and-operated business has experienced its greatest growth since 1987.  From 1976-87 the business was a strong, stable operation, consisting of eight divisions.  However, since 1987 twenty-nine new branches have been opened.  Because the relationship between heating and air conditioning is so closely tied to plumbing and electrical supplies, Wholesale Supply Group, Inc. began offering heating and air conditioning equipment in 1990.  You can find beautiful showrooms displaying many of our quality lighting, appliances, and kitchen and bath fixtures at most of our locations.  The store opened in Murphy, NC was a bit of a different concept with a counter to service our customers as well as most of the store being open for 'self-service.'  Also, all items were bar-coded and scanners were used at the point-of-sale to provide a printout and eliminate writing sales receipts.  This approach was such a success that all locations now follow the Murphy model.  Wholesale Supply Group, Inc. has branches in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia, and North Carolina.  At our headquarters in Cleveland, TN, we operate a central distribution center to service the stores' inventories.  This has allowed us to warehouse merchandise and ship to the branches as needed.

Leaders in the industry...

Wholesale Supply Group, Inc. was one of the first wholesaler-distributors to use computers extensively.  Working with IBM systems over 30 years ago, we began using computers to help with inventory control and payroll.  Computers have become an integral part of managing inventory with ordering, purchasing and maintaining inventory all performed by enterprise-class systems.  We develop all of our technology in-house and all stores are on-line utilizing the latest technology from IBM and Linux.

Wholesale Supply Group, Inc. has also excelled nationwide.  In 1989 we were named among the Top 100 Wholesalers by 'The Wholesaler', the premiere magazine of the industry, and in 1993 'Supply House Times' - giants of plumbing, heating, cooling and pipe distribution - moved us into the ranks of the top 150 wholesalers in the nation.

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